5 Proven Tips to Land Your Dream Job After Mba

When is the best time in the MBA to start looking for a job? Some possible answers could be – in the middle of the MBA, during the start of the careers month, or before the end of the last semester.

The more realistic answer would be – start looking for a job from the first day of the MBA. The primary reason for this is that recruitment is more social today than ever before.

In a hidden job market, your network can help you land your dream job particularly if it is not advertised and even in cases your dream job does not exist.

Take a look at these time-tested strategies that can make your job search productive:

#1 Cold Contact

Writing a cold email or making a cold call is an art it itself. It can warm up a person on the other end and might help you get a foot inside the door.

Position your email or call as an opportunity to learn more about the industry or company of the business leader you want to work with.

Seek their mentorship, and offer to provide your skills for a short assignment or project so that they can preview your talent.

#2 Coffee Meeting

A coffee a day can keep unemployment away. Invite your potential colleague or boss to a café near their office for a candid conversation.

Make sure that the meeting is short, purposeful and scheduled at a time convenient to the person you want to meet. And pay for the coffee always.

Show interest in their work and ask for their advice on connecting with suitable opportunities that might arise in their company.

#3 Tracking Recruiters

Follow the leading job portals and keep an eye on advertisements for positions that you would like to target after your MBA.

The name and contact details of the recruiters are usually posted in the advertisement. If not, you can call the company and ask to speak to the recruiter handling that position.

Be in touch with those recruiters frequently so that they have you on the top of their mind when you are actually ready to submit your application.

#4 Alumni Leads

Linkedin is an excellent medium to connect with alumni of your Business School who work in the company you want to target.

Alumni are quite helpful in providing candid feedback about the culture of the company, and the possibility of securing employment there.

They can even introduce you to the right people in the company and might give insider tips for your job application and interview.

#5 Careers Manager

You just can’t ignore the friendly Careers Manager who works for the Business School and deeply cares about helping you secure your perfect role.

Interact with them throughout the MBA because they are usually the first point of contact for companies seeking to hire candidates from the Business School.

With their years of experience and extended network, they can quickly help your resume skip the queue and get the attention it deserves.

Last Updated: 13 May 2017

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