Essential Mba Attire for the Male Wardrobe

Being an MBA student is a privilege as well as a responsibility. It is a privilege because you get to rub shoulders with business leaders, company CEOS and high flying entrepreneurs.

It is a responsibility because the way you dress speaks as much about you as it does about your Business School. You are a personal brand and also a brand ambassador of your School.

During the MBA, there will be multiple occasions to display your style quotient – formal dinners, business lunches, networking events, alumni meets, industry visits, and so on.

While clothes alone cannot make a man, they can create a favorable first impression that can lead to more opportunities to display some of your exquisite talents.

If you are new MBA student, your wardrobe would be incomplete without:

#1 White Shirts

Pack as many white shirts as possible, for you would need them all.

They can be teamed up with formal attire, as well as match with a casual pair of denims.

Always wash the white shirt after single use and only wear them crisp and ironed.

#2 Neck Ties

You would need the usual neck ties in solids and patterns, apart from a classic bow tie.

Make sure that the color of your neck tie is in contrast with that of your shirt.

Don’t worry if you can’t tie a Windsor knot. Ask for help, keep them pre-knotted and ready to wear.

#3 Suits

While the James Bond look might not harm, it would pay to invest in a good quality formal black suit.

You can buy it from the shelf or have it tailored bespoke, but the key is to have a very good fit.

In addition to the black suit, you could go for a formal dark blue suit and a semi-formal grey suit.

#4 Black Shoes

Nothing beats the sleekness and the charm of the quintessential black shoes.

Wear them only during special occasions instead of using them as daily wear.

They combine best with a pair of socks in solid dark colors such as black, dark brown or dark blue.

#5 Ethnic Dress

While formal is the way to go, there are times in the MBA when you can showcase your culture.

It is advisable to pack a set of ethnic wear unique to your country, culture or faith.

They are a great way to stand out during informal gatherings with your cohort and their family.

Last Updated: 14 May 2017

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