Is Your Mba Toolkit Ready?

If MBA be a mission, then you need to have the necessary tools to survive and thrive.

Getting into a Business School is half the battle won. Every day in the Business School is a new frontier to be reached.

Everybody in your cohort might be somewhat equally intelligent and competitive. But, what separates the best from the rest is awareness and mastery of specific tools.

Having these tools in your MBA Toolkit is sure to give you an extra edge:

1) Microsoft Excel

You cannot avoid this fantastic tool if you want to do some number crunching and data analysis.

Make sure you have more than a basic knowledge of Excel to begin with. There are many online tutorials you can take to get to speed.

Familiarity and comfort with Excel can help you breeze through Finance, Accounting and Statistics subjects in the MBA.

2) Mind Map App

This tool is a must-have for those who want to make class notes fun, visual and understandable.

You can download a free app for your mobile or laptop, and begin with simple mind maps. You can draw them on paper if you prefer that.

Mind maps can be very handy while summarizing lengthy case studies as well as for revising before your final examination.

3) Post-It Notes

Ignore post-it notes and you are missing out on a simple and powerful tool in your magic bag.

Bring home multicoloured post-it notes, write your urgent and important tasks on them, and stick them on a white board or wooden board.

They can be used to create attention-grabbing to-do-lists as well as visual milestones for your individual and group assignments of the MBA.

4) Scientific Calculator

This unassuming tool can be a life-saver when you need to do complex calculations quickly.

Go for a good quality scientific calculator approved by the Business School and make sure you carry it to all your lectures.

Since mobile phones are usually not allowed during final examinations, a scientific calculator can be the friendly alternative to crunch your way to good grades.

5) Fit Bit

Make a dash for this tool to keep yourself in the pink of health during the MBA sojourn.

Get a gadget which is affordable and can count the number of steps you walked and the number of calories you burnt in the day.

As you keep track of your health, you can reap the benefits in terms of greater energy and extra motivation to do well in your MBA.

Last Updated: 12 May 2017

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