Which Mba Program is Better for You?

The right MBA program would involve consideration of your personal interests, career goals, and constraints.

Here are the different program options available to you:

1) Two Year MBA

Target Audience: Perfect for early-career executives who are clear about entering the management cadre.

Key Advantage: Allows greater level of experimentation, time for internships, and exposure to different electives.

Key Disadvantage: Lack of many scholarships, so usually funded through bank loans which can take up to 10 years to repay.

2) One Year MBA

Target Audience: Ideal for mid-career executives seeking a change in function, a change in industry or both.

Key Advantage: Lower opportunity cost in terms of foregone salary as compared to a two-year MBA.

Key Disadvantage: Accelerated pace enables width of knowledge, instead of depth.

3) Specialized MBA

Target Audience: Tailor made for technical professionals who want to gain business knowledge in their chosen field.

Key Advantage: Allows for building of subject matter expertise and opportunity for further academic training and study.

Key Disadvantage: Proactive networking is required to get niche positions which might not be advertised.

4) Online MBA

Target Audience: Excellent for working executives looking to gain business acumen at their convenience.

Key Advantage: Self-paced, cost effective, and does not disrupt work-life balance.

Key Disadvantage: Limited opportunity for face-to-face meeting with lecturers and networking with co-learners.

5) Flexible or Part-Time MBA

Target Audience: Works well for working executives looking for career advancement within their current organization.

Key Advantage: Evening and/or weekend classes combine well with the work schedule.

Key Disadvantage: Completion of MBA requires commitment and blocking of family or leisure time over an extended period.

6) Executive MBA

Target Audience: Geared for highly experienced executives poised for senior leadership positions.

Key Advantage: Provides a global network of peers from different countries, sectors and functions.

Key Disadvantage: Relatively costlier, sponsored by company or those who can afford to self-finance.

Last Updated: 11 May 2017

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