Top 5 Reasons for Doing an Mba

Every MBA journey is different because every MBA aspirant is unique.

However, there are some obvious and commonly known reasons for doing an MBA.

If you ever wanted to pursue an MBA, you are likely to have one or more of these motivations:

#1 Higher Designation

Who doesn’t dream of climbing up the corporate ladder, enjoy the view from their own cabin and have a seat on the decision making table of a company.

You can expect to be a part of the VP, CXO or senior leadership club faster with an MBA qualification which provides a breadth of understanding of running a successful business.

#2 Higher Salary

MBA has a wage multiplier effect because you get paid more when you offer far greater value to a business with your training.

While a part of your post-MBA salary would go to payback your student loan, you might end up earning more in 5-10 years compared to your income if you hadn’t done the MBA at all.

#3 Change of Function

You may desire to exit a domain which does not align with your interest, or enter an area where you see yourself excelling in the future.

It is common for people to leverage the MBA to shift to lucrative functions such as finance, marketing or human resources where they perceive better chances of growth.

#4 Change of Industry

You may want to work in the booming mining industry or want to contribute to the ever vibrant automobile industry.

An MBA program gives you the launchpad to get employed in an evergreen sector or an industry of choice where your talent and skills will be better utilized.

#5 Job Security

You can’t be mistaken for believing that an MBA is a pathway to certainty in a volatile, complex and unpredictable employment market.

It is the most popular postgraduate degree and most often the last qualification people acquire as an educational investment that will provide lasting returns.

Last Updated: 16 May 2017

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